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We are not a registered broker-dealer or an investment advisor. You must trade and take sole responsibility for evaluating this website’s information and using it at your own risk. Investments in securities, commodities, currencies, and other investment options are speculative and involve high degrees of risk. You could lose all or a substantial amount of your investment. You should carefully read all related information regarding any investment and consult with your advisors before investing.

By accessing or utilising any services or products Monocomo offers, you signify your acceptance and agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined herein. If you do not agree with any part of this document, please refrain from using our services and products immediately.

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These Terms of Use outline the conditions for utilising the software provided by the company Bestspoke s.r.o. (registration number 19751702; registered address: Hornopočernická 245/23, Kbely, 197 00 Praha 9).

The software, comprising various modules and sub-modules, is an automated tool designed for real-time scanning of the financial market. It evaluates short-term market fluctuations based on proprietary trading strategies, risk management protocols, and algorithms. The software executes buy and/or sell trades in real-time on a designated trading account, from now on referred to as the “Account.”

Account Clarification:

It’s important to note that the Account referenced herein is distinct from the software. The software does not directly handle or retain trading deposits. Instead, trading deposits are held within a private trading account maintained by a third-party service provider, the Broker. The Broker operates and oversees the Account and its funds, providing trading services to the user.

Withdrawal Functionality:

This software does not include features to initiate withdrawals from the Account to other accounts or third parties. Its primary function is real-time data analysis, evaluation, and automated task execution.


1.1 Your authorization to use the Applications is contingent upon your complete understanding and acceptance of these Terms of Use, including all provisions outlined herein.

1.2 Should you fail to comprehend, accept, or agree to any part of these Terms of Use, your Applications’ use is strictly prohibited and considered illegal.

1.3 Usage of the Applications in contravention of these Terms of Use is unauthorised and strictly prohibited, constituting illegal activity.

1.4 You are obligated to cease using the Applications immediately if any condition outlined in sections 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3 is met or if any term of these Terms of Use is breached.

1.5 The Applications may only be used with trading Accounts that legally belong to you and are considered your personal property.

1.6 You are permitted to utilise the Applications only with financial funds that are legally yours and considered your personal property.

1.7 Usage of the Applications is authorised solely with login credentials associated with your personal trading Accounts.

1.8 Login credentials used with the Applications must not be disclosed or known to any third party other than the Applications.

1.9 You must maintain direct and uninterrupted surveillance over the Application while it is online and active, readily available to access and regulate its activities.

1.10 If you lack understanding of trading principles, margin trading, or automated trading software or do not fully accept the associated risks, you are not authorised to use the Application.

1.11 Usage or distribution of the Application must not violate domestic laws or regulations in your jurisdiction.

1.12 Information, trading signals, or instructions provided by the Application are opinions only and do not constitute investment advice.

1.13 Your decisions based on information provided by the Applications are your responsibility, and you are solely accountable for resulting trades and investments.

1.14 The Application developers do not provide financial or investment services, and the use of the Application should not be construed as such.

1.15 The decision to use the Applications on a Demo or Live account is yours, with full responsibility for the financial consequences.

1.16 The Applications are not licensed, audited, regulated, or supervised by any third party or financial authority, and compliance with local regulations is your responsibility.

1.17 You bear sole responsibility for any negative impacts or consequences resulting directly or indirectly from using the Application.

1.18 Usage of the Applications is prohibited if you are, or have been, employed by any governmental institution or entity.

1.19 You must be at least 18 years old to use the Applications.

1.20 Non-compliance with any provision in this section constitutes unauthorised use of copyrighted material and intellectual property infringement, subject to legal consequences.


2.1 The Applications access your trading account using the provided login credentials (API-Key, Secret, Account Number).

2.2 Use of login credentials in violation of these Terms of Use is strictly prohibited.

2.3 Login credentials may be saved locally on the device for future use.

2.4 The Applications connect to your trading account specified by the Account Number.

2.5 It analyses real-time market data to identify potential trading opportunities.

2.6 The Applications execute trades on your Account based on its internal strategy and algorithms.

2.7 It can open, modify, or close multiple trades simultaneously.

2.8 The Application’s strategy and algorithms control trade management.

2.9 Trades made by the Applications have irreversible effects on your Account balance.

2.10 All trading decisions and calculations occur locally on your device.

2.11 You can terminate the Applications anytime, but trades remain unaffected.

2.12 You accept full responsibility for all consequences of using the Application.

2.13 You waive rights to seek compensation for any financial losses incurred.

2.14 Using the Applications does not guarantee future profits and involves high risks.

2.15 Manual modifications to trades may disrupt the Application’s strategy.

2.16 The Application’s internal algorithm may change without notice.

2.17 Such changes could lead to unforeseen errors and significant trading losses.


3.1 Login Credentials are saved locally on your device for convenience. You are responsible for safeguarding these files and never sharing them with third parties.

3.2 Only API-Keys with limited permissions are permitted for use with the Applications. Keys that allow fund transfers are strictly prohibited.

3.3 You must keep your login credentials confidential and refrain from sharing them with anyone other than the Applicant.

3.4 The Applications securely transmit trade details to our remote server for calculation purposes, ensuring accurate pricing for using the Applications.


4.1 Trading in various markets, including but not limited to Stocks, Forex, and CFDs, carries inherent risks, including the potential loss of all invested funds due to high leverage. It is crucial to understand and accept these risks before using any Monocomo Application.

4.2 Unforeseen events and market conditions can significantly impact trading results and profits or losses. This includes software errors, market volatility, and technical failures, among other factors. Users must accept responsibility for these risks when using the Application.

4.3 Given the speculative nature of trading and the potential for unexpected events, users are advised to monitor the Application closely in real time. Failure to do so may lead to unpredictable outcomes, and pausing the Application during periods of inactivity is recommended.

4.4 The Application’s performance may vary when used on different trading accounts, even under similar conditions. Users should be aware of the inherent unpredictability of algorithmic trading across different environments.

4.5 Past profits do not guarantee future success, and there is no assurance of profitability when using the Application. Users must accept the inherent risks associated with trading and understand that losses may occur.

4.6 Updates to the Applications may introduce unforeseen errors or bugs that could impact performance and profitability. Users must acknowledge this risk and understand that such changes are beyond the control of the Application’s creators.

4.7 By using the Applications, users waive their right to seek compensation for any damages arising from its use. This includes financial losses, technical issues, and hardware or software equipment damages.

4.8 Users are responsible for understanding and managing the risks associated with third-party trading services and safeguarding their trading funds accordingly.

4.9 Leaving funds invested in the trading account for extended periods is discouraged due to potentially significant losses. Users are advised to withdraw profits to protect their capital regularly.

4.10 Engaging in manual trading or other trading activities within the same Account as the Application is strongly discouraged. This can lead to conflicts and errors that may result in financial losses for which the Application assumes no responsibility. Using a separate trading account for manual trading activities is recommended to avoid interference with the Application.


5.1 Users acknowledge that they are solely responsible for any losses, damages, or consequences resulting from using the Application, regardless of the involvement of any other party. This includes both financial and non-financial losses incurred directly or indirectly through the use of the Applications.

5.2 The Applications and their affiliates do not assume responsibility for the receipt, processing, or storage of user deposits, nor for user funds’ financial integrity or liquidity.

5.3 The Applications and their affiliates do not accept responsibility for trading services provided by third parties or for any risks associated with such services or third parties.

5.4 The Applications do not guarantee comparability in trading results, performance, or success ratio between different trading accounts where the Applications are used, even under similar conditions.

5.5 All promotional materials related to the Applications, including information, descriptions, statistics, and performance data, are for informational purposes only, and their accuracy is not guaranteed.


6.1 The Account used with the Application is distinct from the Application itself.

6.2 The Applications and their creators, authors, distributors, propagators, and operators do not handle your trading deposits directly. Your deposits are managed by a third-party service provider (the Broker) through your private trading account (the Account).

6.3 Deposit instructions displayed within the Application are retrieved from the connected Account. The Application does not assure the safety or accuracy of such instructions.

6.4 Users are prohibited from transferring the trading instructions of the Application to any trading accounts other than the designated Account.

6.5 Users are not entitled to, nor possess any rights to, the codes associated with the Application, including source and binary codes. There is no obligation to provide users with such codes.

6.6 Certain components of the Application, such as detailed explanations of its internal trading strategy and risk management, are not disclosed to users or the public, as they constitute proprietary know-how and trade secrets of the Application.

6.7 Payments made for the usage of the Application do not confer ownership of the Application, its copyrights, intellectual property rights, or source or binary codes to the user.


7.1 The pricing for each bot offered is fixed at the current rate displayed on our website. However, it is essential to note that these prices are subject to revision at any time without prior notification to users.

7.2 We reserve the right to adjust prices based on various factors, including market conditions, operational costs, and product development.

7.3 Special offers, discounts, bundles, and promotions may be offered occasionally at our discretion. The terms and conditions of these offers will be determined solely by us and may be subject to change or termination without notice.

7.4 All prices, special offers, discounts, and bundles are non-negotiable and final. By purchasing our products, you agree to abide by our pricing.

8. Governing Law

These Terms of Use and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed by the laws of the Czech Republic. Regardless of the user’s location or country of residence, the operation of the service and service provision is governed exclusively by the laws of the Czech Republic.


9.1 In no event shall any party, including but not limited to the creator(s), author(s), distributor(s), and propagator(s) of the Applications, be held liable or obligated for any damages or financial losses arising from the use of this Application. Your use of this Application is entirely at your own risk. By using this Application, you waive all rights to seek any compensation from any party in the event of any kind of damage or loss, whether financial or otherwise, caused directly or indirectly by this Application.

9.2 You declare that you are fully familiar with trading on financial markets and with all principles of such trading with the Applications, and you are using the Applications at your own risk.

9.3 You acknowledge that using the Applications does not guarantee profits and do not expect such outcomes.

9.4 You acknowledge that using the Applications does not guarantee the elimination, reduction, or complete avoidance of financial losses, including the loss of your entire capital.

9.5 You declare that you have not made, and will not make, any significant financial or other decisions solely based on information provided to you by the Application.

9.6 You declare that using the Applications is your free choice and of your own free will, and you declare that you can stop using the Applications at any time as you wish and freely decide.

9.7 You declare that you will not interpret or consider the use of the Applications as the provision of financial and/or investment services, the provision of financial and/or investment advice, or the provision of asset management services in any context or under any circumstances.

9.8 You declare that using the Application does not violate and/or is not in conflict with any of your domestic law(s), and it does not violate any law(s) and/or regulation(s) set by any authority(ies) in your country.

9.9 You declare that you are thoroughly familiar with using the Application, how to start and stop using it, and how to start and stop all its trading functions and operations anytime you wish.

9.10 You declare there are no obstacles in launching and terminating the Applications.

9.11 You declare that you have fully and carefully read and understood the full content of these Terms of Use, and you fully accept and agree with these Terms of Use in their entire content, and these Terms of Use are legally binding to you.


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