How our bots work for your success

Discover how our trading bots streamline and execute your trading strategies seamlessly for optimal success.

Market Assessment

Linked to your account,our bots continuously evaluate the asset dynamics in the real-time market, examining each movement meticulously.

Strategic Waiting

Following analysis, the bots patiently await a favourable moment, vigilantly observing for a significant deviation between the current and derived price of the currency pair or asset.

Automated Execution

Upon identifying a high-probability deviation, the bots seamlessly execute trades, capitalising on the opportunity promptly and efficiently.

Price Analysis

Each of our trading bots conducts a comprehensive price analysis by comparing the current prices of various assets with their derived values obtained through advanced mathematical models.

Market Dynamics

Utilising intricate mathematical relationships among currency pairs and other assets, our bots predict and adapt to typical market behaviours, ensuring optimal trading strategies are deployed.

Identifying Profitable Opportunities

Our bots detect significant deviations between current asset prices and their expected values several times weekly, signalling profitable opportunities for strategic trading moves.

Opening Trades

Our bots autonomously compute the ideal trade volume and execute BUY or SELL orders on your behalf, leveraging detected price disparities for profit generation.

Concluding Trades

The closure of transactions is entirely automated, as our bots employ pre-determined Take-Profit and Stop-Loss levels with optimal success probabilities to secure profits.

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