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Effortlessly trade currency pairs in the forex market with a suited updated algorithm, tailored to your preferences.

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Automate your trading of the XAU-USD pair with customizable risk and profitability settings, with up to 20% monthly returns.

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Trade volatility forecasted market index with the potential for higher profitability.

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Our approach:
Revolutionising financial success through strategic trading

Why choose Monocomo bots?


Wide Range of Bot Options

With various bots available, tailored to different trading preferences and risk tolerances, you can find the perfect fit for your trading strategy.


Seamless Integration Process

Our bots seamlessly integrate with the MetaTrader platform, ensuring a hassle-free setup process, even for novice traders.


Precise Customization and Support

We provide precise customization options and comprehensive instructions for activation and automation to fine-tune your trading strategy.


Market-tested Bots

Our automated trading systems are rigorously tested across Forex, commodities, stocks and indices, ensuring transparent results through rigorous quality controls.


Constant Monocomo Bot Updates

The Monocomo team of analysts and programmers constantly monitors the market and fits new setup and updates for our bot algorithms. You receive these updated free of charge.

How it works

Choose Your Bot:

Select from our range of automated trading bots and setups, tailored to different trading needs and preferences.

Register and Deposit:

Sign up with your preferred forex broker, register, and deposit funds into your trading account.

Download MetaTrader:

Download and install the MetaTrader platform compatible with your broker.

Integrate the Bot:

Add your chosen bot to the MetaTrader platform following our easy-to-follow instructions.

Customise Settings:

Tailor the bot settings according to your risk tolerance and profitability goals.

Start Trading:

Once set up, the bot will execute trades automatically based on your chosen strategy, maximising returns while you focus on other activities.

Estimate results

3 month
6 month
3 month
Profit trades: 84 Loss trades: 9 Trades in profit: 81,8% Net profit: 28.233 EUR
6 month
Profit trades: 171 Loss trades: 24 Trades in profit: 80,1% Net profit: 55.998 EUR
Profit trades: 1340 Loss trades: 294 Trades in profit: 77,4% Net profit: 510.435.712 EUR

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