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Forex and Gold Power Duo

Combine the streamlined forex trading automation of BTFXLTM 2.0 with the precision and focus of Index Traders XAU USD for a comprehensive trading strategy at an unbeatable price.

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€1250 €1500

Forex and Volatility Combo Deal

Maximise your trading potential with our exclusive combination of BTFXLTM 2.0 and V75-Index-Traders-FX bots. Seamlessly automate your forex trading operations while capitalising on unique volatility forecasted market index strategies, all at a discounted price.

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€2699 €3000

Gold and Volatility Power Combo

Experience the best of both worlds with our Gold and Volatility Power Combo, featuring Index Traders XAU USD and V75-Index-Traders-FX bots. Automate your gold trading strategies with precision while capitalising on unique volatility forecasted market index approaches, all in one discounted package.

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€2999 €3500

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